Proof Of Funds For Uk Student Visa

proof of funds for uk student visa nigeria

How Much Funds Do You Need?

Get proof of funds for a Uk student visa without stress!

We will provide you with any amount of money you need for your proof of funds. And we do it within 72 hours.

Whether it is fifteen million, twenty million, thirty million, or sixty million Naira, be rest assured that we will be here to rescue you.

Let me blow our trumpet a bit– some traveling agents depend on us. You can read that again.

When it comes to funding your account or helping you build an embassy-attractive bank statement, we always try and brag about it because we deliver so well.

In fact, we do fund your account at a very suspicious rate per month.

Yes, we put in all the work to ensure you get your account funded at the lowest rate. That’s our way of helping you.

We are literally the last proof of funds provider you'll ever need.

How Long Do You Need The Money In Your Account?

Individuals and families are migrating to the UK for different reasons.

For UK students, the funds in your bank account must be available for 28 consecutive days and must not fall below the required amount during these 28 days.

The statement cannot be older than 31 days when you submit your visa application.


Smart Move for Safty                                                        

Always have the money in your account until you receive your visa. We often suggest having funds available in your account for 45 – 60days.

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What do we need from you?

 First, if you use the same bank as us, the entire funding process will happen on the same day. But if your bank is different from ours, we will help you open an account with our operating bank. And here are the few things we will need from you:

  • Utility bill such as Nepa payment receipt

  • Means of Identification

  • A referee

  • A filled, signed and scanned document